Here is what our attendees are saying…

“Sending gratitude for a wonderful Saturday, I so needed this! I can’t get enough of this work I love it all and it so helps me spread out the love to my people at work to help them shine everyday! I never take time lately for me and this re-ignited my love of this work!” 

“Thank you – such a wonderful day of self-care and introspection! Love the way Jen and Tracy compliment each other with their real-life stories! Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives” 

“To know that there are others on this path, feeling the feelings I have, it inspires me that we are all in this together and can rise again and again because there are others who get us – and have risen before. This journey never undo – but deepens as we learn and today only made me go that much deeper. Thank you for you both” 

Lifting Your Voice Reviews“Amazed by the power of connection that continues to infuse me. Thank you for sitting with us and allowing us to pull back the layers to bend our authentic selves. Let the journey continue and I am committed to remaining open to the possibilities.” 

“You two are amazing together! Your synergy, passion, and love are evident and felt through every word. I know how much energy you devote to this, that you make no money from it, but both feel called to do it. Thank you for listening to that calling. You are changing lives – you’ve changed mine.” 

“Thank you for reminding me that I am enough. Today helped me to bring that back into focus and helps me to remember that I am a work in progress to be proud of.” 

“Dear Jen and Tracy, thank you for the love and compassion you shared with me. I could feel your commitment to everyone in the room and your passion for making the world a better place. Thank you for bringing me into this community of wonderful women. It was the best day of caring that I have experienced in a long while” 

“Thank you both for a fun and enriching day! This was an enjoyable opportunity to look inward, share feelings in a safe space, and receive tools to grow and be mindful through life’s journey. See you next time!” 

“Another home run! I attended the 1st LYV. I loved that I was able to go even deeper with my awareness. The content is on point and I love the chemistry between Tracy & Jen” 

“This was the most amazing event. You both inspire so much confidence!! I cannot thank you enough for your insight and stories that you share. I plan to revisit all of this to work on myself daily. You both truly are amazing!! The humor you provided in challenging situations. I cannot wait to come to more and bring my daughter along. Love the full day.”

“I was invited by a friend and had no idea what to expect. I was so happy I came today and I met some amazing women. -Thank you!” 

“What an awesome and powerful event! I can’t wait for the next one. It was difficult at times, coming to terms with some of my self sabotage, but I learned so much. Mollye was awesome as well (she is my good friend, but I have never heard her speak). You were all awesome! Thank you for everything! P.S. Can’t wait to read your book, Jen!” 

“So glad I showed up today. Being with such an amazing group of women refuels me. Sharing stories, making friends, discovering yourself… all good things! Thanks for bringing us together! Let’s bring this to our teens as it is much needed in their lives.” 

“Great seminar. I was forced – in a good way – to look inward and I was able to share something about my life I hadn’t before. Thanks for that safe environment. I also think the women at my table were meant to be there! It was a huge lord work.” 

“Thank you for the beautiful day. I learned so much about the people around me and am feeling grateful and hopeful again” 


“Jen and Tracy & team! So great! Once again, thank you! Things are sinking in & becoming second nature. Resonating! I did not end up in the ugly cry this time – because I’, owning it. Cannot wait for the spring event. I’m actually making real friends in this group. Thank you for your generosity of time & caring concern. -Beautiful venue, lunch was great. Big thanks” 

“I didn’t know what to expect before I came to this event. I get a little nervous about networking events, but a friend told me I needed to check it out. I’m so glad I did. This even exceeded my expectations! I gained so much insight and wisdom. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I now feel determined to put my best self forward and find the beauty in my imperfection. Thank you so much, Jen & Tracy!” 

“I thought it was incredibly constructive and important. I would love to get involved in some way to help continue this vital conversation.” 

“This event is everything I could’ve asked for. I aspire to motivate & inspire the young generations behind me. I’ve been struggling with who I am & this brought me clarity. It’s easy for me to say these things, it’s another to act on them. I’m ready to act on them!” 

“Thank you both for being you and showing up for us. I really learn so much from both of you. I feel like I have the confidence to leave here and say “No” and not explain why. I love you both and can’t wait for the next one. Love the new word Brave!”

“Congratulations on a very meaningful ‘round 2’ of Lifting Your Voice! It is always important to take time to leave our ‘schedules’ and notice ourselves. That speech is very important… self care and loving those where we really care about. Thank you!” 

“Truly inspiring, authentic, and deeply thought provoking. Jen & Tracy are both warm, funny, real and brave. My goal of being inspired and learning something new about myself was met! My vision of discovering how to use that knowing in a positive way will be my focus moving forward” 

“What I am taking away from today is more than I could imagine. I privately struggle through so much trying to people please and keep my family in order. I wrote so many concepts down that I need to think about and rewire myself. It’s going to take some time. I love the fact that you are telling us that good old fashioned conversation is the way to go. Even though I am a small business owner, I hope that you know how impacted I was today. I love my job. I love my mission, but I’ve been struggling. Being your own boss is hard. It’s not like you have daily feedback or a review to know how you are doing. My self-esteem is low. My confidence inside is low. When I’m with the children I’m caring for during the day…” 

Lifting Your Voice Testimonials

“This was a wonderful event. I got a lot out of it and would definitely attend another. This is just what I needed at this time in my life. Full-day is great!” 

“You are both amazing and make an amazing team!!” 

“Loved this program. Both of you were so authentic and I value that. It helped me to value myself more!” 

“I appreciate the opportunity to connect with others, I thank you for being present with us. Love the snow-ball activity would have liked to have heard more. Love the conversation style of event. Would have liked to be paired with different people for different activities.” 

“This was wonderful. You delivered a familiar message packaged in a unique way. The energy between both of you was uplifting. This helped me to go deeper in looking at my obstacles. The exercises were awesome. You created safety very easily in the room. My only suggestion is to possibly accept credit cards for the raffle tickets. I only carry cards and wanted to yet wasn’t able to participate in the raffles.” 

“Listened to y’all at the UFH exhale in October and thought it was the best talk I had been to at one of those events (or any event). I decided before they even said we could use a passport square that I would be going to this event and it did not disappoint. This was enlightening, empowering, eye opening, in one word awesome! Thank you for doing what you do.” 

“Tracy & Jen, thank you for this opportunity! This day has been validating on so many levels. I look forward to attending/participating in future ‘Life Your Voice’ events.”

“I totally enjoyed the day, feeling free and meeting so many beautiful women. I look forward to continuing this journey.” 

“My friends, what a fabulous day. The pure love and joy, heartache and pain in the room today was palpable. The day went quickly because the conversation was thoughtful and thought provoking. Speaker’s positive self-truths are/can be difficult and while may have fallen into the ‘too cool school’ chat during the exercises you made me think and in that I am grateful.” 

“Thank you for a great day! You both put it all out there and I appreciate all you said. I am grieving the loss of my husband and was surprised when I threw my ball of paper it was said and others in the room were also grieving. My loss makes me feel vulnerable. Working through it all will be easier after today! And I will work on my resilience! Thanks again” 

“You two are amazing together! Your synergy, passion, and love are evident and felt through every word. I know how much energy you devote to this, that you make no money from it, but both feel called to do it. Thank you for listening to that calling you are changing lives – you’ve changed mine” 

“Jen & Tracy, thank you for your genuine gift of yourselves to all of us. Love you both! Mary Fran” 

“Awesome experience with great ladies, it helped me put things in perspective of what I will concentrate on in my life. Choose correctly. It was nice to have a day to work on my inner self.” 

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. These sessions mean so much to people. The day flew by. Wondering if tackling a workplace topic would make sense – something like ‘how to negotiate your worth?’ then again, I wouldn’t want to see the topic muddled. If you two are up to it, the full day was a wonderful immersion. The half-day went by so quickly.” 

“The location was beautiful and the food was great. Each speaker had solid knowledge of their topic. The day was well planned, full of great information. Jen and Tracey worked very well together. I liked how you structured the topics – vision, observe… it organized my thoughts and helped my self-discovery.”